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Bull by Dhiren Sasmal

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Born on 2nd January 1953, Dhiren Sasmal has been working steadily since then as artist, designer and illustrator, his immense talent and mastery over his medium leading him to win awards in every sphere of artistic activity, be it applied or fine art. His paintings can be found in galleries and collections all over the world.

Dhiren Sasmal is a meditative painter, amazing skillful in his linear execution. His works are diverse, his colours and style reflecting the structure of the source, be it Bengal folk-art or European expressionism. He often disintegrates forms, makes them geometrical and then breaks the form, yet there remains an integration in the formal structure. This is the mastery of the artist.

This Bull, from his collection ‘Fantasia’, has an almost collage-like effect, with colours emerging from within and below each layer, and intricate pen & ink detailing.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 36 x 36 x 4 in
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